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key tasks for co-constructing
happy retirement lives

1. We design a multi-pillar post-retirement income security system!

  • Strengthen the roles of public pension in post-retirement income security
  • Promote and strengthen the effectiveness of private pension
  • Reinforce the social safety net including the National Basic Living Security Act

Current Progress

Guarantee stable post-retirement income by raising the basic pension
  • Increase the pension up to KRW 300,000 per month for low-income seniors (the bottom 20%) (Apr. 2019)
Ensure all people are enrolled in National Pension
  • Expand insurance premium support for small businesses, low-income workers, farmers, and fishermen
  • Support security of the National Pension period of women experiencing career disruption and the unemployed
Boost retirement and private pensions (2019)
  • Improve access to “good pension products” by announcing the comparative data of the products
Phase out the criteria for obligatory providers in the National Basic Living Security Act (2019)
  • Abolish the criteria for obligatory providers of National Basic Living Security Act in cases of recipients of disability pension and basic pension, single-parent families, and children leaving care

2. We support new beginning for the new middle age!

  • - Expand job opportunities for the new middle age through laying the foundation of “the Third Age”
  • Improve the infrastructure for supporting fresh starts of the new middle age to ensure active retirement lives

Current Progress

Work for long periods in a primary workplace
  • Expand the criteria for subsidies for reduction in working hours to personal reasons such as illness and care
Provide life career design programs and promote unretirement
  • Create more occupations suitable for the new middle age (213 occupations) and subsidies for employment (5,000 recipients)
  • Expand opportunities for long-term training for employment and start-up
Provide more job opportunities for retirees
  • Create local jobs for experienced retirees in the new middle age (2500 jobs) and expand support for middle age social contribution activities (10,000 recipients)
  • Install additional New Farmer Houses (70 houses) and New Fishermen Schools and provide jobs in forestry (15,000 jobs in 14 occupations)
Improve the infrastructure to support a new start of the new middle age
  • Provide one-stop services from training to counseling and follow-up management
  • Actively implement big-data-based job recommendation services

3. We expand opportunities for social participation of seniors!

  • Support 800,000 elderly job creation
  • Expand opportunities for elderly leisure activities and training programs

Current Progress

Create more elderly jobs
  • Create more elderly jobs (510,000 in 2018 → 610,000 in 2019)
  • Develop social service jobs for professional retirees such as lawyers, social workers, and HR specialists
  • Foster private sector job creation including market- and dispatched-type employment (goal: 102,000 jobs in 2019)
Expand opportunities for elderly leisure activities
  • Raise the allowance of the integrated culture card (Munhwanuri Card) (KRW 70,000 per person annually → KRW 80,000 per person annually)
  • Support cultural facilities and organizations and tailored culture programs for the elderly (260 programs)
  • Support culture and art programs at senior welfare service centers (320 programs)
Strengthen the foundation of elderly training programs
  • Reinforce literacy education support such as supporting adult literacy education institutions, dispatching professors, and supplying materials for free
  • Strengthen support for real-life-related literacy education including finance, health, and citizen participation

4. We ensure preparation for good end-of-life planning!

  • Lay the foundation for a dignified end-of-life
  • Actively respond to elderly suicide prevention
  • Support programs to encourage social participation and active social relations for elderly people living alone

Current Progress

Promote hospice care and life sustaining treatment systems
  • Establish more hospice care centers and raise usage rates by diversifying services
  • Reform Act on Decisions on Life-Sustaining Treatment such as by expanding the range of life-sustaining treatments and redefining what constitutes a pa
Review development of a system to support end-of-life planning
  • Find ways to develop a system to support a better end-of-life
Strengthen measures to prevent elderly suicide and provide support for bereaved families
  • Support reclusive seniors living alone to foster social relations and provide support for independence of the elderly just starting to live alone
  • Enhance support for the elderly attempting suicide, and develop a one-stop support model for bereaved families and promote a pilot project

5. We build a community-centered healthcare environment!

  • Guarantee healthcare service by improving National Health Insurance
  • Reinforce in-home care services by promoting integrated care within communities (Community Care)
  • Strengthen public long-term care facilities and improve service quality
  • Create a residential environment to ensure safe and peaceful retirement lives

Current Progress

Guarantee healthcare services by expanding the coverage of National Health Insurance
  • Expand the coverage of National Health Insurance for the medical vulnerable such as the elderly
  • Fund total KRW 3 billion for knee replacement surgery of 2,182 low-income elderly (2019)
Foster the National Responsibility for Dementia System
  • Operate dementia care centers at 256 public health centers and 6 hospitals across the nation
  • Install dedicated wards for dementia at 50 public long-term care hospitals and designate and operate dementia care hospitals
Reinforce in-home care services by promoting integrated care within communities (Community Care)
  • Designate and implement pilot projects regarding Community Care and chronic disease management in primary medical care centers (2019)
Create a residential environment for safe and peaceful retirement lives
  • Supply 1,313 elderly welfare housing units in 12 areas and provide additional financial support of KRW 500,000 for accommodation installation (2019)
  • Provide public buses to transportation blind spots and improve the public transportation system

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